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Care after burial-places in Belarus 

Our company offers services of care after burial-places in Belarus which include:

  • search of burial-place
      If due to some reasons you don't have information about the place of burial of your relatives, friends we could help you.

  • cleaning of burial-place
      This service includes:
      - cleaning away trash
      - washing monument, grave-stone, fence
      - watering flowers
      - sending you documantary confirmation of the performed works

      Cleaning of burial-place is available at any time of the year.
  • permanent care after buring-place
      This serevice includes:
      - cleaning of burial-place 3 (three) times per year (Spring, Summer and Autumn) with documentary confirmation of cleaned burial-place after each cleaning
      - painting of monument and fence (once per year)
  • improvement of burial-place
      Our company offers you services of improvement of burial-places, which include:

  • arrangement of cover of burial-places and surrounding territory

  • painting of monument and fence

  • planting trees and other plants at burial-place territory

    We offer service of annual planting of flowers and other ornamental plants.

    In winter time burial-place embellishment with conifers is available.

    Information needed for fulfillment of the order:
      - Last name, First name, Middle name of the buried person
      - name of cemetery
      - address of cemetery
      - number of the place at the cemetery, number of the burial-place
      - approximate date of burial
      - other additional information

    To order this service you need:
      - prepare and send us information for fulfillment of your order
      - after we get this information, we calculate cost of this service and send you via e-mail a bill to be paid
      - upon bill receipt, you make 100% advanced payment of the total amount of order
      - we fulfill your order and send you documentary confirmation of the performed works

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