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Welcome to Belarus 

Welcome to the Republic of Belarus, a beautiful country located at the crossroad of trans-European transport and communication corridors "West-East" and "North-South", a country has an exclusively rich natural, historical and cultural potential.

The territory of Belarus is 207.6 thousand square kilometers. It is a compact country. By the size of its territory, the Republic occupies the 13th place among the European countries and the 6th among the CIS countries (following Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan). On 1.1.2000, the population of Belarus constituted 10,018 thousand people. Belarus is 5th among the CIS countries by its population, following Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Representatives of more than 100 nationalities live in Belarus. The majority of the population is represented by the indigenous Belarusian nation constituting more than 3/4 of the entire population, both in the Republic as a whole and in the urban and rural areas. Significant numbers of Russians, Poles, Ukrainians and other nationalities live in the Republic along with Belarusians.

Belarus is a country with an ancient and rich history and unique culture. It has a significant number of historical towns and cities - Novogrudok, the first capital of the Great Principality of Lithuania, Russia and Jemoit; Polotsk - the historical capital of the Principality of Polotsk with its valuable architectural monuments like the Sofia's Cathedral and Saviour Transfiguration Church with unique frescoes of the 11th century; Turov and Grodno - centres of Slavic principalities of the 9th and 12th centuries. Many towns and cities have preserved ancient temples and cloisters, palaces and castles of magnates of Rzecz Pospolita and of the Russian Empire, as well as valuable architectural, historical and cultural monuments.

Our company welcomes You to visit historical towns and cities of Belarus and Minsk - the capital of the Republic.

Urban and rural areas include over 20,000 monuments of history and culture and about 100 centres of artisan arts. Beside natural reserves and national parks, there are settlements and towns that represent complex memorials preserving their historical environment and traditional way of life. Belarus has over 10,000 lakes, about 3,000 rivers of 5 km or more in length (Dnepr, Western Dvina, Neman, etc.) and about 20,000 small rivers. The most aesthetically valuable and diverse natural landscapes are located in the north and in the centre of Belarus.

National and international centre of environmental tourism include the national parks Naroch, Braslav Lakes, Pripet and Berezina Biosphere Reserve. National parks are the pride of Belarus. They are of the world importance. They represent specially protected natural areas, unequalled by their beauty, having no analogues in Europe.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Belarus.

Information provided by Ministry of Forein Affairs of the Republic of Belarus


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