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Traveler's essential 

Exchanging money
A little guide on what is Belarusian money, how to spend it, where to exchange it, where are Credit Cards and Traveler checks accepted.

Most Belarusians are very friendly and open. They will often tell you how interesting it is to meet someone from a foreign country, and will happy to help you. But you mast remember that, until you get used to where you are living, you are giving off clear signals that you are stranger to the city. Information on what is necessary to do if you have your documents or belongings stolen or if you get sick.

Phone Service
It may seem simple, but you need to know what is dialing procedure, how to make a call, how much it is. Let your family know you are safe, and keep them updated on your activities.

City transport & Business hours
Information on city transport such as operation hours, costs and fines.

Usually it is no problem to find a good place to eat out not far away from the Center of Minsk . The variety of offers increased through the great number of restaurants. Dinner at most restaurants in Minsk and other large cities of the Republic will costs you…


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